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The second yearly consortium meeting took place on 27 October at the Heijmans headquarters in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands).

Partners presented the work on progress since February. During these months, research has been focused on the evaluation of the self-healing properties of asphalt mastic by University of Nottingham,. Parallel research focused on the steel particles to study their influence on the mechanical properties of asphalt mixes has been carried out by University of Cantabria.

Partners of the consortium also agreed to use conventional binder (even in porous asphalt mixtures) with 0.3% of wool fibers.

Discussions also focused on immediate technical actions. In this sense, the University of Cantabria will design two optimized asphalt mixtures (one dense and one porous), testing their healing properties in their laboratories and Heijmans will evaluate their durability. At a later stage, the final self-healing asphalt will be tested on a real road at BAST facilities in Germany next October 2017.

For further information about this meeting, please contact Gerbert van Bochove:  [email protected]