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The footage captures the full scale demonstrator developed at the duraBASt outdoor test area near Cologne (Germany).

The operation was carried by BASt lasting several months starting in spring 2017 with the pavement preparation for compaction future control measurements. Several stress and stain sensors were installed through the entire section to facilitate monitoring operation during the test.

The section simulated a real road with the construction of different layers including the deployment outdoors for the first time of the superior asphalt HEALROAD surface. The construction finished in July 2017.

The final steps carried were the preparation of data logging system, accelerated pavement testing with BASt Mobile Load Simulator MLS30 and the SGS induction heating to support recover capital (end of 2018/beginning of 2019).

The movie was recorded and produced by Erhard Eddinghaus, Bastian Wacker and Bianca Baetens. Final version was consolidated by ERF.

Download the movie here: