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On 18 January, a HEALROAD representation joined the biennal Infratech exhibition in Rotterdam to explain the latest developments of the project.

Concretely, the presentation focused on how to the future results of the project could be implemented in The Netherlands having a positive impact on the existing mobility. HEALROAD aims at further developing self-healing asphalts and creating a more intelligent road pavement able to extend lifetime while saving public funds. In this sense, representatives from Heijmans and SGS detailed these benefits to potential clients from local and regional road administrations.

InfraTech was also the perfect opportunity to disseminate objectives of the project to the civil engineering sector bringing together public bodies, contractors and suppliers.

For further information, please contact Bianca Baetens: [email protected]



Smart connecting was the theme of InfraTech 2017, in Rotterdam Ahoy. Both literally and metaphorically. Prominent stakeholders and innovative organisations from the entire infrastructure sector played prominent roles at this exhibition. This makes InfraTech the place to meet for throughout the entire infrastructure secto