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On 30 May, the HEALROAD consortium gathered in Santander to coordinate ongoing work on the design of two asphalt mixtures and evaluation of their healing capacity before the validation in a pilot plant scale in UK.

Concretely, partners have evaluated new and aged asphalt mixtures. Regarding new mixtures, healing properties were measured through bending fatigue tests at various temperatures (10C, 20 C, 30C, 40C).  For aged asphalt mixtures, some samples from aged road are examined (5 yrs, 10 yrs and older than 15 yrs) together with magnetic particles. Evaluations in both situations aimed at ensuring a good performance not only in the lab but also in real roads.

The validation has been completed in the pavement test facility available at the University of Nottingham. Concretely, this process has involved a hydraulically operated system that moves a loaded wheel in a straight line at constant speed.

Next step of the project is to deploy the HEALROAD solution at the duraBASt test track which is a road in real conditions in Cologne (Germany). This demonstration activity will be held in October together with a workshop.

For further information about this meeting, please contact Esther Lizasoain: [email protected]