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Switzerland held from 12 to 15 June the biannual conference of the European Asphalt Technology
HEALROAD was presented with a poster titled “Prediction model for optimum self-healing times in
asphalt mortar”. As explained throughout the paper, in order to minimise the proliferation of micro-cracks
in asphalt pavements, different self-healing approaches are being developed nowadays based on
temperature increasing of road sections. However, it is not clear yet for how long the road must be
heated to get the optimum healing levels. The present investigation proposes a predictive model in this
regard, based on the Arrhenius equation and the concept of activation energy. It was proven that the
methodology is suitable and accurate for the studied healing methods of oven heating (similar to Sun
effect) and electromagnetic induction.

For further information, please contact Breixo Gómez: [email protected]