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After several research and validation tests in the labs, the HEALROAD consortium achieved a main goal in one and a half years: the full-scale mixing process to evaluate and optimize the healing process.

The work took place in June and July at the HEIJMANS installations in The Netherlands.

In the meanwhile, BASt prepared the test track on the new outdoor test facility duraBASt in Germany. The preparation included several compaction controls and installation of temperature, compressive stress and strain sensors. In total three reference points and two loading sections were installed.

On July 12th and July 13th the standard asphalt base and asphalt binder course were paved on the 47m long test section. The key day for the HEALROAD project started on July 14th. HEIJMANS transported the whole equipment and material from the Netherlands ‘just in time’ to duraBASt installations. The paving operation was completed successfully resulting in a surface with very good conditions.

During the following days, some cores get drilled out for further evaluations in laboratory. The loading with the BASt MLS30 APT machine will start in October 2017. During the loading program the healing process will be used after defined loading cycles.

Next important date will be in October 26th with a live demonstration of the loading and healing. This operation will coincide with the INFRAVATION annual meeting at BASt. For further information and registration, please click on this link:

The HEALROAD installation video is here:

For further information, please contact Bastian Wacker: [email protected]