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A new article about HEALROAD has been published in the Italian magazine Strade and Autostrade.

The March issue included the piece written by Concetta Durso (ERF). The article offered to the reader a general description of the project which just started in October 2015. Concretely, the main objective of the consortium is the optimization of the induction heating technique and hence to extend the lifetime of asphalt pavements.

Lab tests are carrying out by a European team of experts in asphalt with the aim of developing, optimising and validating asphalt mixture wearing courses as well as steel-fibbers to facilitate self-healing.

The article describes also the three main objectives aimed by the consortium:

  • Improve mobility by reducing road sections closed for big maintenance operations,
  • Improve the environmental impact by reducing use of natural resources
  • Reduce public administration funding

The article can be found by clicking the following link.

Strade and Autostrade_March2016