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The University of Nottingham (UK) hosted a technical meeting on 5 February to evaluate latest research and plan immediate actions.

The meeting focussed on the development of activities related to the evaluation of the self-healing properties of asphalt mastic and, as well, on the definition of materials, temperature and time needed for induction heating.

In the coming months, the Universities of Nottingham and Cantabria will reinforce cooperation in the research especially after Heijmans provides bitumen and fibres.

Concretely, the University of Nottingham will complete various tests on healing using different bitumen and adding various types and contents of fibre. Since the fibre will play a key role in the HEALROAD process, a parallel research will be completed to determine the mechanical properties of samples made with 2 additional sorts of metal fibre in order to get the optimal results.

The University of Cantabria will respectively focus the research on the mechanical characterisation of asphalt concrete and metal particles together with fatigue and rutting tests.

For further technical information about the meeting conclusions, please contact Álvaro García: [email protected]