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HEALROAD latest developments were presented at the EAPA Technical Committee in Paris on 19 October.

The presentation was of key importance to disseminate the project towards the asphalt sector. EAPA represents the asphalt Industry in Europe by bringing together the National Asphalt Industries of Europe.

A specific element of the agenda was to discuss the future trend for the self-healing technique in the sector. Breixo Gómez from University of Nottingham focussed its presentation on how self-healing asphalt can be considered a costs-effective solution to extend the lifetime of road pavement optimising its use.

In this sense, the research main goal is to improve the technique and facilitate its market deployment. In a moment where the road sectors calls on authorities to give more importance to maintenance, HEALROAD aims at becoming a contribution from a road asset management perspective.

For further information, please contact José Díez: [email protected]