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On 29 October, the HEALROAD consortium held the first meeting in Santander (Spain) to discuss objectives, commitments and obligations for all the partners during the next 30 months.

In addition, the project coordinator University of Cantabria detailed immediate actions and tasks to be completed within WP2 (i.e. evaluation of self-healing properties of asphalt mastic) and WP3 (i.e. definition of materials, temperature and time needed for induction heating).

Regarding the evaluation of self-healing properties, the research will specially consider the air voids of the asphalt mixture which according to last studies are one of the most influential parameter in self-healing. Also, partners will analyse the interaction of filler and bitumen by completing different tests and assess their influence in the self-healing.

As regards the materials used for the induction heating, different type of magnetic particles will be selected and tested. Tests will consist on two actions:

  • Self-healing properties of the asphalt mixtures, using two different heating procedures: induction heating and infrared radiation.
  • Mechanical properties of the asphalt mixtures

The consortium will gather again on 5 February in Nottingham (UK) to monitor ongoing research and tests.

For further information about the Kick-off meeting, please contact Irune Indacoechea. [email protected]